The 12 Startups That Made Their Way To Microsoft ScaleUp Programme!

Under its ScaleUp program software behemoth, Microsoft offers co-selling, and co-marketing opportunities to Series A B2B startups, and late-stage startups. As a part of its 12th cohort, Microsoft has chosen 12 Indian startups and has committed over $500 million investment, over the next two years.

As a part of developing their core infrastructure, these 12 startups will have an exclusive access to Microsoft’s suite of services like Azure Cloud platform, infrastructure, and most significantly Microsoft’s expertise. Microsoft is currently serving over 200,000 SMEs and large businesses, along with India 5,000 tech startups.

Following are the quick bites of the 12 startups:

  1. Xurmo Technologies:
    • Founded in 2009, Bengaluru
    • Offers Big Data Analytics Infrastructure
    • Products – Canvas, Platform, Bridge
    • Application – Insurance, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Capital Markets, IT, Banking, retails, etc.


  1. Karo Sambhav
    • Founded in 2017, Gurugram
    • Offers e-waste management
    • It serves as PRO (Producer Responsibility Organization) to Dell, Apple, HP and Lenovo


  1. eGovernments Foundation
    • Founded in 2003 by Nandan Nilekani (Infosys Co-Founder), Srikanth Nadhamuni (tech head at UDAI & Khosla Labs CEO)
    • Offers eGov Smart city platform
    • Covers Citizen Services, Revenue, Expenditure and Administration
    • Operating in over 325 Municipalities


  1. AppICE
    • Offers Moment Marketing
    • Products – Behavioral Insights, Contextual Marketing, Personalized Engagement
    • Serving 5 million users through 445 apps, with 17 billion sessions and 2,100 million engagements


  1. MachineSense
    • Founded in 2014
    • Product – MachineSense (offers insights on how industrial machinery’s health)
    • Offers services to Industrial Machinery & Infrastructure Systems (electrical supply, compressors, pumps, etc.)
    • Head offices in Baltimore (USA) & Kolkata (India).


  1. Gaia Smart Cities Solution
    • Founded in 2015, Mumbai
    • Products – Smart City Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, and Consulting Services


  1. GrowthEnabler
    • Founded in 2015, Rajeev Banduni and Aftab Malhotra
    • Digital Platform that powers businesses
    • Uses AI and Algorithms to source data


  1. Avanseus Technologies
    • Founded in 2015, Singapore
    • Offers Predictive Maintenance, and Intelligent Monitoring solutions
    • Builds key data insights from data sets
    • Present in Singapore, Bengaluru, and Silicon Valley


  1. Kogence
    • Online Computational Research platform
    • Helps in running massive scale simulation
    • Encourages collaboration of Scientists, Students, Engineers and Researchers


  1. SmartVizX
    • Founded in 2015 by Gautam Tewari and Tithi Tewari
    • Virtual Reality Software Company
    • Develops VR solutions, influencing decision making
    • Target Sectors – Real Estate and Other industries


  1. Appiyo Technologies
    • Founded in 2011 by Ashok Anand
    • Works in SMAC (Social – Mobile – Cloud – Analytics) space
    • Provides a Social & Computing platform
    • Let’s users create to create their own private social group
    • Helps to build and consume process apps
    • Actionable Customer Engagement through PW App Twixor


  1. Sprinkle Data
    • Founded in 2017
    • Data Discovery and Management Service
    • Artificial Intelligence driven Data Discovery
    • Helps in data analysis, and producing key insights

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