A Startup That Delivers ‘Chai From Sky’

Drone Delivery Is Here

In a technology-driven world, budding entrepreneurs are redefining how we look at the world. With the help of AI, Humanoid Robots which were a dream once, are turning into a reality. Similarly, many e-commerce sites, and courier servicing companies dreamt of drones delivering their parcels.

The latest innovation from ‘Tech Eagle’, set up by IIT alumnus, is turning those dreams into reality. They started with ‘delivering tea’ using drones during the testing phase. The company claims that their drones can travel as much as 10 kilometers, and deliver packages up to 2kgs. In a video posted by Drone Delivery Lucknow, it shows a drone dropping a Chai container.

Tech Eagle official website read, “Our mission is to bridge the gap between the students’ theoretical and practical knowledge thus providing them with the complete skill in the UAV/Drone Industry”.

Currently, the company is taking orders through an App, and the delivery will be made through their indigenously developed drone system. On the other side of the world, UberEats, world’s largest food-delivery platform, is busy developing its drone delivery system in San Diego. It looks like the Indian startups have got all that they need to make it big on the global map.

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