YNOS – The Startup That Helps Startups!

YNOS Venture Engine

Chennai-based YNOS Venture Engine, founded by Professor Thillai Rajan, and incubated at the IIT Madras Incubation Cell aims to reach out to startups, helping them in intermediation services, and providing valuable information.

The team of YNOS have been closely working with the Indian venture capital industry for over a decade now, and are trying to use their experience in assisting the young budding entrepreneurs in the tech-savvy nation, where ‘Entrepreneurship’ is the new trend.

The YNOS helps entrepreneurs in understanding the complex, competitive, and contrast nature of the startup landscape in the country, by providing them valuable information. It includes valuation estimations, hands-on-experience in fundraising, and the most critical aspect; identifying investors. The YNOS team comprises Faculty, students, and alumni of IIT Madras.

As reported in a TOI article, YNOS Founder Thillai Rajan said, “YNOS uses research insights and technology to provide information and intermediation services for early-stage entrepreneurs. Using advanced marker analytics tools, our platform provides estimates of valuation and also identifies investors for the startup”.

He also added “The proportion of startups getting funding is still low. These challenges continue to confound early-stage entrepreneurs.”

Though Rajan believes that the funding landscape has expanded, he also rightly reminds the fact, that startup mortality rates have not fallen.

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