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Culture – An Invincible Supervisor In Your Startup!

Many founders speak profoundly about their startup’s culture, and how they try to blend it into their startup company. In fact, many startup’s core values are based on their culture. Right from designing the product, testing, execution, marketing, and launching; one can find a startup’s culture at every stage. But, when the startup’s workforce increases from a small group to a 10-15 member size, one can notice a downtrend in the ‘culture’.

The culture tends to disappear, more so after the company goes for a Series B funding. The founding team concentrates on the targets, goals, and benchmarks, ignoring the (ever disappearing and lost) culture in the startup. In the process, over a period of 6-7 months, the morale of the entire team goes down, and people tend to become mediocre.

Backing these, research conducted across various companies have shown that it is impossible to scale a company if the company fails to hold on to its culture. A company’s growth is not projected by its revenue, but by its workforce. Peter Drucker once said, “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”. In a layman’s terms, however great the strategy is, if the people executing it are not passionate about the company, or worse if they are apathetic towards the company, the company is on its way to shake hands with doomsday.

Lack of culture among the workforce affects product innovation and crafting strategies. If the founders don’t address the problem of “culture”, leaving it to the mercy of the HR Department, it would be difficult to revive the company once it collapses. A “culture-less” work environment is a house full of strangers.

A founder or a CEO should take a survey, on how the workforce feels about the company, and what changes it would like to see. At the same, he/she should try to create conversations, create a well-defined vision, and create short-term wins.

It is vital for the CEO to make sure everyone in the workforce is clear about his/her role, and what they mean to the company, and the company’s culture. The CEO should try to take the company’s culture through a storyboard presentation, blending it in every activity of the company; be it in hiring the future workforce, or even revamping the business hours. “Culture” is an invincible supervisor present in every board meeting, every balance sheet, and with everyone in the company.

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