Indian Startup Challenges Microsoft AR!

Indian startup Dimension NXG is set to take on Microsoft, Apple, and other leading AR headset manufacturers. Dimension NXG co-founder Abhijit Patil said, ‘Currently the Microsoft HoloLens only provides 35 Degree field of vision. This is similar to watching a small television. The field of vision in AjnaLens, under making by Dimension NXG, will be 90 Degrees.

The startup has been operating in stealth mode for the last four years, before revealing its new product. It aims to take on current AR Manufacturers and disrupt the entire ‘AR Headset’ global market.

Currently, the team is waiting for its registered patents, before they can completely launch their product. ‘AjnaLens enables you to interact with objects, and simulate with holograms. It superimposes them on real-life objects. Our technology helps anyone from anywhere to remotely access the holograms simultaneously.

Currently, we have cleared the B2C market, and are setting eyes on the enterprises (B2B). AjnaLens costs around $1500, a huge price difference when compared to other AR headsets that cost over $4500’, said Patil.

Dimension NXG received financial support from Paytm founder Vijay Sekhar Sharma, Nailesh Khimji (Khimji Ramdas Group owner), and many others to the tune of INR 2 crores (approx US$300,000).

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