‘Picke2heal’ Brings Lab Tests At Your Doorstep!

For many people, especially in the senior citizen bracket, it is a daunting task to get their medical tests done at a diagnostic center. Though clinics provide doorstep services of the save, they quote premium prices. But a Thiruvananthapuram-based startup ‘Picke2heal’ claims that it can bring lab-tests to your doorstep at cost-effective prices.

Founder Prasanth Peethambaran says, ‘the patients can select from the list of labs that conduct the test(s) from the App at special rates. They can either go to the labs or can request doorstep services. The respective patient will be contacted by a nearby lab, to further attend them at doorstep’.

Talking about offering best services at cost-effective prices, Prasanth says, it is possible by tying up with various diagnostic labs. ‘We have our own criteria for choosing a diagnostic lab. That is how we ensure the customer gets best services at an affordable price, even at the doorstep.

Our target customers are the ‘educated customers’, who scout for alternatives, rather than directly going to the doctor-recommended diagnostic center’.

Picke2heal is headquartered at KSUM (Kerala Start-up Mission) in Technopark, Kochi.

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