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Knowhere – The Home Of Unbiased News!

It is almost impossible to find an unbiased article about modern-day geopolitics, or even a soccer game. Writers tend to bring their perspective into the articles they write, adding both the human touch and favoring one side. But a new California startup aims to rewrite unbiased news, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

‘Knowhere’ has already raised $1.8 million in venture capital. The team is training the AI to gobble up thousands of pages of data about a given story, and then come up with three versions; Positive – Neutral – Negative. The final article will be then gone through by the editor before it goes live.

“We are taking our first steps towards a truly comprehensive and comprehensible source of record for all”, said Co-Founder and Chief Editor Nathaniel Barling.

Though AI can rightly point out human biases (after training thousands of examples), experts believe that even a subtle bias under the name of ‘unbiased/impartial’ could be treacherous. It is also a daunting task to verify the stats used in an article, given the shady datasets available online. Many opine that Knowhere could instead publish left-and-right biased articles, removing the ‘impartial’ one.

After all, it is too much asking a machine to fix the human problem of being bias.

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