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Semi-Urban, Semi-Rural Cities To Get Access To High-end Mini Theaters, Thanks To Jadooz!

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Entrepreneur Rahul Nehra who made a successful exit from his startup ‘Moving Talkies’, is eyeing big in the ‘Entertainment’ industry. The entrepreneur is gearing up to pool in $20 million, to fill the entertainment need-gap in the Entertainment sector in 500 semi-urban and semi-rural locations across India.

Currently, multiplexes which are topping in 70-80 cities across the nation are finding it hard to penetrate into the semi-urban and semi-rural market. It is impossible for multiplexes to become sustainable in rural areas, where there is a lack of proper infrastructure.

Understanding the challenges in penetrating rural areas (in Entertainment Industry), Rahul Nehra is moving towards ‘innovative solutions’. His new firm, Jadooz plans to set up mini theatres, with roughly a 70-seat arrangement offering 4K digital entertainment, along with showcasing of 3D films.

‘The Centers will host a local café and VR entertainment zones. People can enjoy VR with over 50 experiences, ranging from spacewalk to roller coaster rides.

The Centers will be established in 100 towns in 2018. The mini-theatres can be used for educational programs too, in the mornings. Each will be spread over 1,750 sq. feet with Air Conditioning’, said Rahul Nehra.

Credits: The news story reported in ET.

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