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Indian AI Startup ‘STAQU’ Signs MoU With Dubai Police

AI Startup ‘STAQU’ Signs MoU With Dubai Police!

After the global tech community demanded the need for a large number of AI engineers, AI startups have seen a mushroom growth, especially in Asia, particularly in China and India. In a landmark achievement, an India-based AI startup ‘STAQU’ signed a MoU with the Dubai Police.

According to the startup, the Dubai Police are trying to integrate AI with their current database and programmers to enable less response time during emergencies. This is where STAQU is filling in the void. With its Predictive Policing Technology, powered by its AI architecture, the company aims that it can play a major role in assisting the police and solving real-time problems at the golden hour.

Atul Rai, CEO and Co-Founder of STAQU, “We are humbled to be selected by Dubai Police in its strive for reducing crimes in the city. We started STAQU three years ago, with the vision of solving real-world problems with the help of AI. We are grateful to the Dubai Police for showing faith in us’, said in a statement.

Quicker decision-making processes and quicker response times during emergency situation are expected to provide critical information to the police, opined a Dubai Govt. official. The Dubai Police aims to reduce the crimes by 25 percent by the year 2021 using the latest technology.

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