UAE-Based Relam Investment Reserves $50 M fund For Indian Startups!

Photo credits: Pexels

The UAE-based Relam Investment group has expressed its interest in investing in Indian companies. Through a series of strategic investments, the company aims to take a pie of the growing entrepreneurial opportunities both in India, and South Asia.

With a proposal of $250 M – $300 M investment in India, sources close to the company have confirmed that $50 M is exclusively reserved for startups. The company feels that the ease of doing business in India has drastically improved, and cites it as one of the main reason for investments from Silicon Valley to Singapore to pour into India.

‘Ease of doing businesses in India has improved over the period of time. UAE and the country have long trade history and leverage on it. Also, considering the country’s population, we think it is the land of opportunities for investors like us as there are a lot of problems to solve here”, said Chairman and MD of Relam Investment, Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah.

Currently, the company is planning to invest in technology-driven areas like banking software, interactive services application, and blockchain.

Relam Investment is a (50:50) venture between Vietnamese Company MIG and UAE-based Vault Investments.

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